A Brief Look into the Developmental Genetics of Fern´s Roots



Te invitamos a leer el artículo "A Brief Look into the Developmental Genetics of Fern´s Roots" publicado en Plant Roots The Hidden Half, Fifth Edition, ​a cargo del profesor investigador de la Unidad de Genómica Avanzada del Cinvestav Dr. Luis Alfredo Cruz-Ramírez, Profesor Investigador de la UGA.

Autores: Alejandro Aragón-Raygoza / Alfredo Cruz-Ramírez

  1. Laboratorio de Complejidad Molecular y del Desarrollo de la Unidad de Genómica Avanzada (UGA), Irapuato, Mexico

Felicitamos al estudiantado y profesorado que contribuyeron en esta investigación por su arduo trabajo.

Abstract: Following its predecessors, Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, Fifth Edition is thoroughly updated and reports the major changes that have taken place in root research since the last edition published over 10 years ago. Considered a widely acclaimed book in the field of plant sciences, this edition includes a broad array of topics reflecting progress being made in the subdomains of root biology, featuring chapters on modern topics, while retained chapters are fully updated to demonstrate significant developments made in our understanding of root biology and in fast-evolving research methodologies and techniques. It reviews all root-related processes, from the evolution of roots in past eras to single-cell genomics, allowing readers to grasp an overall view of the state-of-the-art research in this field.

Among the 104 contributors to this book are seasoned experts in the field, as well as uprising specialists who have already made a distinguished mark in scientific literature. All of the chapters are extensively referenced featuring specific information on any topic related to the biology of the hidden half of plants. Featuring full color illustrations throughout, this handbook is an essential source of information for both expert and novice root scientists.

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