Dra. Luisa L. Rocha - Pharmacoresistance in Epilepsy



30 de Agosto de 2023


Invitamos a leer el artículo: “Pharmacoresistance in Epilepsy”, en la que colaboró la Doctora Luisa L. Rocha, Investigadora de Cinvestav Sede Sur


Autores: Luisa L. Rocha, Alberto Lazarowski, Esper A. Cavalheiro Editors


Felicitamos al estudiantado y profesorado que contribuyeron en esta investigación por su arduo trabajo.


Abstract: Although more than 30 anti-seizure medications are available on the market, epilepsy remains pharmaco-resistant in 30% of patients with focal epilepsy and approximately 10–15% of patients with idiopathic/genetic generalized epilepsy as well. The treatment of these complex patients needs a structured multidisciplinary approach to address the biological, social, and psychological implications. The current chapter is a general overview of epilepsy as a stigma, health, and financial problem and initiatives to change the conditions of patients with epilepsy. Special attention is focused on the effects of pharmacoresistant epilepsy.


Keywords: Epilepsy, Pharmacoresistance, Epidemiology, Stigma, Antiseizure medications, International League against Epilepsy, World Health Organization

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