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Lipidic extract of whole tomato reduces hyperplasia, oxidative stress and infammation on testosterone‑induced BPH in obese rats.


4 December 2022


Invitamos a leer el artículo: “Lipidic extract of whole tomato reduces hyperplasia, oxidative stress and inflammation on testosterone-induced BPH in obese rats”, en la que colaboró la Doctora Guadalupe Bravo, Investigadora de Cinvestav Sede Sur


Autores: Juventino III Colado Velázquez, Patrick Mailloux Salinas, David Julian Arias Chávez, Jessica Ledesma Aparicio, Norma Leticia Gómez Viquez, Edgard Cano Europa, Gabriel Noris Sarabia y Guadalupe Bravo


Felicitamos al estudiantado y profesorado que contribuyeron en esta investigación por su arduo trabajo.


Abstract: Tomato is an important source of lycopene, a carotenoid that has been emerging as a natural preventive agent for prostate disease. Moreover, tomato contains other components with a wide range of physiological properties, but their potential beneficial effects on prostatic hyperplasia (PH) during obesity have not been completely established. In this study, we compared the effect of a lipidic extract of tomato saladette (STE) with Serenoa repens (SR) on obese rats with PH.


Keywords: Testosterone-induced BPH, Lipidic extract of whole tomato, Obesity, Oxidative stress, Serenoa repens

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