Judy Kalman / María del Carmen Lorenzatti. Solidarity, agency, and learning in everyday participation: A look at an adult education program in the context of COVID-19


Author Biographies

  • Judy Kalman is a professor at the Departamento de Investigaciones  Educativas,  Centro  de  Investigacion  y  de  Estudios  Avanzados  del  Instituto  Politecnico  Nacional,  Mexico  City,  Mexico;  email:
  • María   del   Carmen   Lorenzatti   is   a   professor   at  Universidad  Nacional  de  Córdoba,  Córdoba,  Argentina; email:

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world stage has impacted multiple aspects of our lives, affecting how we interact, organize public affairs, and carry out daily activities. This paper explores how students in an ongoing adult education program in Villa María, Argentina, continued their studies during the 2020–2022 pandemic in the context of the restrictive public health policies that led to suspending in-person classes and collaborative sessions and moving to digitally mediated formats. It centers on the experience of adult learners confronted by the COVID-19 emergency and their response through solidarity relationships and agency. We found that the students actively reorganized and redesigned their academic practices by articulating their emergency needs resulting from the pandemic with their continued participation in their program through acts of solidarity. Finally, we share thoughts and future directions about solidarity in adult learning contexts.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic on the world stage, learning, adult education, Adolescent & Adult Literacy 

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